Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Lucky donuts @ Canimal

Ok so.. I camped these suckers for more than two days straight! Seriously!! I've always been a huge huge fan of Canimal so put her designs and the word "free" together and you best be backin' up cuz I'm omw!!

I gotta give Canimal much props because not only did she add these chairs to her store, she put GREAT stuff in them!! Not to mention she reshaped the chairs into adorable little donuts that can make a girl hungry after staring at them for awhile!!

So... Without further adeu.. The point to my post! I wanted to show off one of the dresses that I got out of her lucky chairs!! The rest of the ensamble is of my own creation (not that I made it personally, just it's not all from one designer), so if you have questions as to where I got what, just post a comment and I'll get back to ya.

This is Canimal - Nox in red.

Go Go Gothic Honey! :) Enjoy! <3

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