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Cute pose with props!

I LOVE (*chanimations! And not just because Chandra and Lucca are awesome (though they are!) or because they are incredibly talented (they are that too!) but I love them because every pose tells a story. Poses aren't just poses when it comes to those at (*chanimations. Each pose has its own story behind it and most even come with their very own props so you too can tell the story to others!
My indubious praise aside, let me get to the point of my post!

(*chanimations is giving away this ADORABLE pose just in the nick of time for Easter! According to Chandra, the Easter Bunneh needs help and they provide you the means to get out there and do just that!

You get this cute pose plus 3 props! (bunny ears, bunny tail and easter basket!)

Hurry over to (*chanimations to get it so you can see for yourself their total awesomeness!

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