Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Randy Rabbits!

]H[ Nishi is having a sim wide randy rabbit hunt!  Head on over and check the list below for hints to the prizes!

1. This rabbit is STRAPPED! (Lower Mall Deck)

2. Do rabbits hide out in dark alleys? (Dungeon Level)

3. Water flows and rabbits grow in the Garden Maze.

4. A rabbit is hiding under a bridge... the first one near the source of the Cloudville River.

5. Take a rest in the Gazebo, though it's a little hard to find.

6. Court is in session. Here come da' judge! (Dungeon Level)

7. Find this rabbit at ХОРОШИЙ ОДЕЖДА (good clothing). (Upper Mall Deck)

8. This rabbit is keeping warm in the Village Pub.

9. Walk down the Cloudville River until you come to the tree swing.

10. A tisket, a tasket, a picnic basket (and a rabbit) at the beach.

11. Lets get Medieval! (Dungeon Level)

12. Rabbit banditos? Check the Bandit Camp to find out. It's not so easy to find though.

13. SLpillory holds a rabbit. (Lower Mall Deck)

14. Sit back, relax, watch the road, and catch a rabbit at the Cafe'.

15. Mmm... a nice hot cup of tea at the Teahouse. (and a rabbit)

16. Thorns & Petals along the Village street is where you'll find this rabbit.

17. Smart rabbits join the group. (Dungeon Level)

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