Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Holy mother of moses at the group gifts!

Holy crap guys, seriously. Maybe in my sleep deprived, delirious state I'm more excited than I should be about this, but I don't really think that's it. I think this really is super cool.

I found this place. Yes, I say that as though I'm the first ever, a viking to be the first to discover it..  It's called Pure Poison and the group is free to join. They do jewelry (mesh!) and shoes (mesh!) and they seem to be really damn awesome.

And as soon as you land? There's a group joiner and a whole wall of free group gifts you can get!

Don't believe me? LOOK!

So head over. WTF why you still reading this? No seriously... Ok I really need sleep.

(Editors Note: I'm told vikings rape and pillage.. I didn't rape anyone.. at Pure Poison anyway. I guess I used the wrong word. I'm more like Columbus! Minus the whole killing the Indians thing.)

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Anonymous said...

Love your blog and its humor

I can't find dates on your posts? Are they hidden?