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Biggest SL Pet Peave

I can not express enough how annoying and frustrating it is to see so many designers selling their demo products for $1L.
A few years ago designers were forced to charge $1L for their demos because SL didn't allow an object to be set for sale at $0L. The only way to get a demo was to pay for it. BUT, this has been fixed for some time now yet still designers charge for their demos.. even new designers that weren't even around when there was no option are doing it. WHY? I'm just going to trash it.. it's worthless..
Sure, some may think "It's only $1L" but if you sit back and think how many skins or hairs you've demo'd and paid $1L for.. it adds up don't it?

It is just soo frustrating. I've gotten to the point where I won't even bother to buy from a place that charges for their demos regardless how awesome their product is. It has gone from something of neccessity to that of greed and I can't support that.

idk.. this is just me ranting at 7am as I stand in a store rolling my eyes that they want me to pay to try on their product... I can tell ya right now what they can do with it..

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Xyr Frost said...

Another similar peeve are stores that offer "free gifts" and charge 1L. Same as what you said, its more the principle of calling it free, and or a gift, and taking money for it. Group gifts too. If you want me in your store group, and offer a "gift" for it, why make me pay? It's greed. Especially the demos as you mentioned. If they can't make money from their hairs, they get it from demos. I don't support it, and like you, don't end up buying from those people. >:( Shame on you, store owners.

Eileen Villiers said...

Thank you for explaining how charging for demos even entered the picture.

Trickett Nightfire said...

Agreed. <3 I talked to a guy running a shoe store about this very briefly once. He said it was so they could 'track' or something, which I didn't really get, I figured it was a fear of being copybotted thing. I've only bought one or two dollar demos so far, I'm really disinclined to buy them.
I understand charging 1L to make up for upload costs on 'gifts' and 'prizes' a lot more. Putting out boxes with 'freebie' on them and charging for it isn't totally honest though.
(Har, I just found your blog trying to find out what the prizes in the LA Street Scene hunt are. I'm cheap, I have limited money and I'm saving up for some skins I've wanted for months. x: )

jenn said...

I just read this and I totally agree, unfortunately nearly ALl of my favorite makers do this.. these people are making a ton of money and charging us more for demos. I hope some creators read this and get the point.

Hazey Cuddihy