Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention, please?!

*attempts to calm herself*

OK.. The reason I haven't had very many posts the last few days is due to my being swamped with a new project.. MY STORE!! :)
I finally have my own quaint little store in world and I am so super excited about it!

What does this mean for you? Well.. nothing really.. Because I've basically got the store setup now and am just as committed to finding y'all the best freebies on the grid as before.

So you can expect to still see a ton of posts from me.. the only difference is, now I have another blog to run but I wanted my own place to be able to post updates and new releases.. I realize alot of people with freebie blogs also post their store items on the blog but I'd prefer to keep the two separate. This blog is meant for freebies/dollarbies and as much as I'd love to plug my new store INTRIGUE (:P), I think there's a certain place for that and it's not here..
So if anyone would like to keep up with my store, you're welcome to click the link above and visit my blog (though it's empty atm) and of course you can visit us in world as well.. But if you're looking for freebies and the grids greatest deals.. then stay where you are, cuz we're not goin anywhere!

:) :) I promise to post some freebie posts soon! More hunts are on the way!! I'm super excited about the Twisted hunt.. See y'all soon!!


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