Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Just a few Yummehs to tide you over

Free Valentine skin from Dawn Designs


GLBOX # 9 - Blacklace Couture

GLBOX # 42 - Mela'ryn Fantasy Clothing

GLBOX # 50 - Kitten'z Korner

Kiss # 13 - Gracies


Kiss # 122 - Orage Creations

GLBOX # 126 - caLLie cLine

Just a few posts but I'm falling asleep at my desk zZz

SOOO much to go thru.. I *might* be done by Xmas :P

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okrebecca said...

mm i found a dress for 0L but no skin at dawn...looks familiar though, maybe mistagged?

Butterfly114 said...

yeah i had trouble finding the skin also. Flew around looking like a moron for ages lol

Honey Hoffman said...

Acks! This is one of the few things I had without any LM's so I checked the girls profile and everything pointed to Dawn Designs in her pics... Checked classifieds just now and there's ONE tab that has her skins at DCNY.. guess where I just found the skin? ARGH!
Here is the SURL.. I'm SO sorry about that. I really thought I had the url right!