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A Huge Thank You!

Apparently I have more viewers than I realized and I am just completely overwhelmed and overjoyed at the moment.

I run this blog because I love to find the best free stuff that I can and I want to share it with everybody who wants to listen.. and I have so much fun doing it!

Some blogs have like 50 bajillion people who post stuff... here, it's just moi. It's more personal and I keep it that way for a reason.

But today, a woman by the name of Coralie Juliesse approached me and stated she had taken it upon herself to collect money for a donation to my blog because of how much fab stuff she'd gotten from it.. Stuff that's better than things she has purchased in the past... and my mouth just dropped. I never expected to gain any sort of compensation from doing this and just to know that there are silent readers out there who are getting use out of my posts makes what I do completely worth while.

So to her, and the unnamed others who pitched in to support me and to support my blog, I thank you.. and I vow to do my best to provide you with the means to look amazing without breaking the bank.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Completely astounded and honored,


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okrebecca said...

heh, wait till designers start gifting you :P s'fun