Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!


Goodness.. those Twisted Designers really know how to hide their boxes! But I'm -finally- done and want to post a few things for y'all.. So far everything Ive seen just makes me go o.O..

So lets start out with one of my favs thus far

Top/Skin from :::tyranny::: #103
Necklace from Alienbear - Limited Time gift (also comes with matching earrings)

Dress from GL Designs #102 (Comes with several skirt options)

Safety Pin Earrings/Lip Piercings by Oddment #96
Hair from Battleangel #93
Choker from Otaku Designs #78
Skin/Shape by Madness & Mayhem # 76
Bracelets from Magia Accessories #75
Shoes from Tripaw Joint Industries #74

Dufflebag from {ROADKILL} #91
Outfit from Twisted and Spoiled # 67

Hair by Deadkitties #51
Outfit from Little Britain (not a hunt prize but a freebie!)

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okrebecca said...

alienbear black moon ornament necklace is super pretty. can you tell me the object name so i can sort what i have/find it? xo!

Honey Hoffman said...

Sure! My folder reads: Alienbear Design (2009 NX Dark gift set)