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Relay For Life on a budget

I want to keep this post at the top, at least for a few days. I feel it holds very important information and is more helpful than any other post I could make. If you know anyone who could benefit from it, please pass the info along.

You can't argue that the Relay For Life is a wonderful fundraiser and giving to the American Cancer Society is not only important, but it feels very rewarding when we do. However, many, like myself, can't afford to give a whole lot and I don't know about you all, but I usually feel pretty down about it. I WANT to give everything I can, but I never have enough.. It took a long time before I realized that it isn't the amount you give, but the gift itself. No matter how small, it counts and makes a difference!

So with that in mind, I wanted to make a post for all of you out there who want to be able to give without breaking the bank. You don't have to miss out on quality finds to do it either!

Over 170 Clothing Designers offering special edition clothing designs - 9 total Sims - Entertainment, Live music and DJs will keep you entertained around the clock. -

Silent Auction with all proceeds benefiting the American Cancer Society Relay For Life campaign - 4 Fashion Shows hosted by Timeless Modeling Agency - Treasure Hunt

Special thanks to Ohana Land, Dyldam, JC Designs and SL Newspaper for making this all possible. Without your tireless support we would be mainland!

Below are the Landmarks please come and have a blast .. March 16th - March 22nd

Shopping Sims :

Clothing Fair 1 - by House of Rf, The Black Sea (117, 131, 22)

Clothing Fair 2 - by Maxie Mcbri, The Caspian Sea (126, 131, 22)

Clothing Fair 3 - by Lapointe an, The Persian Gulf (128, 131, 22)

Clothing Fair 4 - by Destiny Dre, The Red Sea (121, 126, 24)

Clothing Fair 5 - by Ohana/ Dyld, Gift Of Life (131, 133, 22)

Clothing Fair 6 - by Alexander F, The Arabian Sea (130, 126, 23)

Clothing Fair 7 - by DeLa , The Aegean Sea (126, 122, 22)

Clothing Fair 8 - by JC Designs, Relay Raiders (127, 143, 22)

ALL Entertainment, Silent Auction and Fashion Shows

Clothing Fair Entertainment - by, The Mediterranean Sea (156, 117, 23)

Please keep in mind that the less you contribute to lag, the better off it is for everyone. I know it's not too appealing to run around bald, hairless and barefoot, but it will certainly make a difference.
Here are some tips for lag reduction: (click to see full size)

Also, go to view/hide particles and reduce your SL cache to 500 or less (around 250 works).
Don't forget to remove all your HUD/scripted attachments as well!

You'll be amazed at how this will change your hunting experiences!

Now on to the good stuff.. Plenty of low priced RLF items as well as gifts and goodies along the way.

* marks RFL donation


2)*CQ* - $1L

3) Devilished Cupcaked - $5L

4) *Diversity* - $50L*

5) *Diversity* - $100L*

6) --Umi Usagi-- - $50L*

7) Alienbear - $5L ea.

8) Eye-Catcher - $1L

9) Pixel Passion - $50L*

10) Lost Dreams - $0L

11) :::BareRose::: - $100L*

12) PopFuzz - $1L (comes in various colors)

13) Pixel Passion - ($50L?* possible dollarbie)

14) Thalia - $1L

15) ~Tea Lane~ - $2L*

16) ~Tea Lane~ - $50L*

As you can see, there's still plenty to get on a budget. If I was able to help at least one person, I've done my job!
Please feel free to comment should you find anything that I missed. Covering 9 sims was a bit much so I'm sure there's alot that got over-looked.
Looking forward to your finds!

xoxo Honey

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