Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Going Green!

I have hit the motherload! This place is INSANE in a totally awesome kind of way.

If y'all get a chance, head over to the YABU sim for some killer deals! Nearly every store is participating and there are tons of freebies, dollarbies, and more not to mention most green items are 50% off!

Here's what I scooped up during my trip!

G Field - Gift Set - $1L

Kyccie - Shamrock Kimono - $1L

Kyccie - Dress - $1L
Hair bow - $0L

Mayuki Nozaki - Green flower dress - 10min camp chair

Mayuki Nozaki - Green Gown - $0L

Mayuki Nozaki - Carina Red Gown - Group Gift

Petit Ange - Green Polka Dot Dress - $1L
Petit Ange - Teal Polka Dot Dress - $25L

Petit Ange - Green Nails - $1L

Petit Ange - Malachite Eyes - $10L

Yabusaka - St Patricks Boots - $0L

Side Note: If my photos look a bit off I do apologize. My home sim has been offline all evening and so I wasn't able to get to my studio or my pose stands so I had to find a sandbox and do it as best as I could.. Just call me Debbie Dedicated! :P

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