Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Twisted Hunt Preview

So I started the hunt today... and the lag was horrific and so I decided to wait until the chaos had subsided before trying again... Thank goodness my dog needed to go out at 1am because I soared thru like 20 of them in no time.. Here's just a preview of what I've come across so far.

1st up is the very first item you get when you start the hunt at +DV8+

How can you go wrong when boobie baloons are your starting gift? Oh.. and some awesome hair and colorable earrings too! Check 'em out.

Twisted #1

Next up is Sn@tch. Totally diggin' this dress! (Update: This item is no longer available as the owner of Sn@tch has withdrawn from the hunt due to personal reasons. I've heard rumors that it will be available as a group gift, so check there if you missed it!)

Twisted #2

Next up are some boots from a place called SELF EXPRESIONS they are GORGEOUS

Twisted #4

I know I didn't really go in order but I just kinda picked a few to show off before I went zZz.

You can see just based off the three I chose that each one was great quality and worth it which only makes me more excited to complete the hunt and see what else is out there!! This is by far my favorite hunt of the year!

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