Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!


So I got word of this green skin for St Pattys Day over at Frick and I jumped over to pick it up.. But I ended up coming back with alot more than just that skin.. Check out all these great deals/freebies/dollarbies I got, including a lucky chair set AND a fatpack for $55L! (most normal skins are marked down to only $15L!)

It's totally worth your time.

The reason I went to begin with..
Shamrock Skin - $0L

All tones - Green Makeup - Lucky Chair (5min timer)

All tones - Purple Makeup - $0L

3 Tones - Purple Makeup (different lips than above) - $0L

All the above are seperates for $1L each

Fatpack I purchased for $55L
Each makeup is sold seperatly for $15L but I couldn't decide!!


(btw, sorry if some of the photos look washed out.. Blame my friend Lia.. I was halfway thru the post before I realized I was so pale because of her facelight, lol.. she's my megawat barbie LUV U LIA)

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