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Take a break

Here's just some random things for y'all to pick on if you wanna take a break from hunting kites.

First off, I just realized I had these in my inventory.. Friends of mine, Chandra and Lucca, opened up their own shop recently and while Chandra was workin on her awesome skins, Lucca made an awesome set of eyes that I just about drooled over. I'm goin through my inventory and there a pair of them sit.. and I went o.O! So I went searching their group notices and sure enough, I had missed it completely!
So if you want a pair of your own, join the (*chanimations group and check notices! Thanks for the lovely gift guys!

Also.. If you're into celtic stuffs head over to Soneya for this green celtic tat perfect for celtic lovers and in time for st pattys day!

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