Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!


Ok so this post is gonna be all over the place so bare with me.. I have things from one place paired with another and yadda yadda... Here we go.

Green Skirt - Electric Electric - $1L (Part of her 1 item for $0, 5 for $1 sale)
Scarf - Luxurious World - $1L (#1 of 8 in store hunt)
Shirt - Luxurious World - $1L (#2)
Socks - Luxurious World - $1L (#6)
Eyes - Luxurious World - $1L (not part of the hunt)

Shape - Luxurious World - $0L (also not part of the hunt)

Sweater - Luxurious World - $1L (#8)
Eyes - Luxurious World - $1L (#7)
Skirt - Electric Electric - $1L

Left to Right
Tank, Pants, Hair - LCKY - In Store Group Gift

Shirt, Pants, Hair - LCKY - Group Gift - Check notices
Chocobo (holding) - LCKY - Group Gift - Check notices

Hair (both) - Romi Juliesse - Group Gift (each seperate)

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okrebecca said...

damn you! scatterbrain is the name of another great radiohead tune. "yesterday's people end up scatterbrain/any fool can easy pick a hole/i only wish i could fall in/a moving target in a firing range/somewhere i'm not..scatterbrain"

Honey Hoffman said...