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25L Winter sale at Rockers Wear

YAY! I love Rockers Wear! And now I get to love them LOTS because everything is on sale for just $25L!! From mens and womens clothing to tattoos and accessories, their entire inventory is included in this sale. It's totally worth checking out! Here's a few things you can get from there.. I only got a few items because, well.. Even at 25L I'm kinda broke but I don't regret a single purchase :)Top: /rockerswear/ female hoodie - leo
Bottoms: /rockerswear/ Street Baggy Set (comes with its own shirt)

Top: /rockerswear/ Watch out (comes with jacket)
Tattoo: /rockerswear/ Meadow's Guns (omg I LOVE these!)

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Trix said...

ROCKERS RULE \m/ I haz dem guns I haz all of its <3