Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Goodies Galore!

This is gonna be a long list of greatness so bare with me!

Glam Couture: Both dress's from Lucky Chair

Poetic Eyes from [kusshon]
Condom from lucky chair at LoveSoul.

Red lolli from lucky chair at LoveSoul.

Valentines gift from LoveSoul. Basket filled with chocolate covered strawberries and a chocolate covered heart that's so yummy, it comes with one for your mouth too :)
Hair also from LoveSoul. It comes with this holstein bow, a pink bow or no bow. I either got this from the lucky chair or I got it fishing.. it was free either way!
Flying lolli and candy cover for your head are both items given from the lucky chair at LoveSoul. The candy head is one of their special prizes! Scripted color changing in both.

Another one! Strawberry earrings from LoveSoul lucky chair.

Thanks to Chandra who TP'd me over to Haute Couture to flip the lucky chair for her! The result speaks for itself.. Rawrr!

Thanks to okrebecca who teleported me over to WWI for this sexy find in their lucky chair! It comes in both short sleeve and long sleeved versions.

Alright, that's my posts for the night.. I have more, but it's late so check back tomorrow to see the rest!

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