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Since Katat0nik's lucky chairs hate me..

I'm gonna have to use another model.

I've camped.. and camped... and camped... and not a single H has come up. GRR! I want this dress so bad! It comes in 3 different colors and is sooo cute for Valentine's Day.

So without further adeau, here is my friend Ken modeling this awesome dress for you all. Hurry over to *katat0nik* to get your own!!

Thank you Ken for coming and sitting in the chair for me.. and for being such a patient model.. and for being stuck in that silly hug pose. :P

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Darkandiel Bury said...

Ha ha, I was there for this picture! funny stuff, at least you finally got 2 dresses,
Im Still waiting.....tick tock!

Trix said...

OH MY and doesnt he look LUVERLY! Bless Ken for being such a good sport XD!