Travel with me on my journey of the grid to find the best freebies/dollarbies/deals SL has to offer!

Lootz from Tokeo Plastik

So my friend Xyr and I absolutely love love love to find free goodies. (duh, why would I blog about it if I didn't?) But one of our favorite things to find is free skins, because let's be honest, it's rare to find a free skin that's actually nice. CBW, Tuli, [42], they all are the gems in the rough. Now we get to add another store to that list!! Tokeo Plastik!
Xyr, below, fell in love with their Christmas freebie skin they were giving away so we thought we'd jump back over there to see if she had anything else out and to look at her other skins for sale. We got a whole lot more than we bargained for!!
Not only is the Christmas skin and freebie pack still available, they have a New Years pack that includes yet another spectacular skin! Also in the pack were shirts, eyes, bangles etc.. Tons of stuff!
While we were there we lucked out on her lucky chairs several times (lots of ? rounds!) which was just an added bonus for us.
Check out all the great items below!!

Xyr is wearing the Hypnosis Eyes

Above Xyr wears the Christmas Skin in Nutmeg. The front and back have really awesome tribalesk tattoos and a small hint of it on the face as well.

Xyr is wearing a gorgeous inverterd blouse included in the New Years pack!

I'm wearing capri pants and one of many tops that are part of the New Years pack. Arm wraps from lucky chair. Skin is the New Years skin in Nutmeg. This skin also includes the faint body art but on a much milder scale.

Gorgeous makeup from the skin. It even comes with the lolli :) Eyes are Ice Queen, also included.

Lucky Chair items. On the right a set of bangles, on the left, TPs take on the razor blade necklace.

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